To what extent are human beings capable of measuring the challenges and impact of technological innovations today? Are they maybe stuck in an eternal cycle in which each innovation brings with it a set of new problems? In view of the current environmental challenges, this question is crucial. For example: the services provided by plastic, then our difficulty to manage its life cycle.

With the Alfred installation, the TOAST Collective takes hold of these questions. Alfred is the result of research carried out with the CEA Liten laboratory on an innovative reconfigurable material, capable of changing its state according to temperature variations, hence offering an alternative to the current model for the production and management of plastic.

Collectif TOAST, art numérique — Félix Cote Benjamin Muzart 

Lionel Picard, chercheur CEA LITEN 

Associated company
Philippe Coronel, Le CyD – Barraux 

This project is presented within the framework of the European VERTIGO /S-T-ARTS approach – Science, Technology and the ARTS. In residency at the Atelier Arts Sciences.

In residency at the Atelier Arts Sciences. 

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