FRIDAY 14 FEBRUARY >  03:30 pm
 Auditorium Grenoble INP 

Does listening to voices, sounds and music favour language development in infants?

In 2018, MEDIARTS developed an Arts Sciences project locally for very young children, their families and cultural actors. Research work carried out by the LPNC laboratory was the starting point for this action.  Babylab Languages gave resonance to the voice and sound research work done by the singer Aurélie Maisonneuve and that of psychologists and neuroscientists from the BABYLAB/LPNC with a focus on the bringing together of “voices, sound organisation and language development”. Inspired by this innovative process, a new team was able in 2019 to experiment with another type of research at different kindergartens in Fontaine. The round table will highlight the complementary points of view of this study that deals with the relationship between “listening, music and language”.

Bertille Puissat, Singer who trained at the Grenoble and Chambery Conservatoire in Opera and Jazz, infant and junior school music artist and holder of a University diploma in Voice Anatomy (Babylab languages)
Hélène Loevenbruck, Responsible for Research at the CNRS in Language and Cognition - Laboratory of Psychology and Neurocognition LPNC UGA (Babylab languages)
Myriam Roulet, Flutist and Musician working with schools at the Conservatoire that covers the local Fontaine community.

Christelle Pillet Laversanne, Responsible for Research and Development Live Entertainment – MEDIARTS

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