The Cached experience offers an insight into your digital reflection by revealing how the silhouette of your on-line activity is interpreted and depicted by the social networks’ contemporary algorithms.  

The experience begins with the entry into a dimmed room where you are invited to connect to your Facebook and Twitter accounts using a tablet. Powered by the IBM Watson psychometric algorithm, Cached studies your Facebook or Twitter posts and analyses your choice of words, your syntax and the complexity of your sentences in order to establish your psychological profile and describe your digital imprint. Through this algorithmic and digital experience, Cached questions the consequences of massive data collection and invites visitors to take a critical look at our on-line behaviour and the psychometric profiling that advertisers use.

Artitic team
Clément Bouttier, engineer — Ryan Dzelzkalns, poet — Jon Flint, designer and prototyper — Vytautas Jankauskas, interaction designer — Aline Martinez, designer UX — Joana Mateus,  visuel designer — Felipe de Souza, developer and coder 

THE HIVE, residency programme, The Camp, Aix-en-Provence
Within the scope of the project entitled European ARTificial Intelligence Lab co-funded by the European Union Creative Europe Programme.

Rediscover Vytautas Jankauskas at the conference « It’s not me, it’s the AI ! » at the Auditorium Grenoble INP.
FRI 14 FEB / 10:30 am

 WORKSHOPS  (duration 1.5 hours)
Think about big data and their use in participatory workshops with the Cached collective.
TUE 13 FEB / 9:30 am (in english) / 03:15 pm
FRI 14 FEB/ 9:30 am / 03:15 pm
On reservation at the Hexagone Scène Nationale Arts Sciences at 04 76 90 00 45 or on site at the reception of the exhibition within the limits of the places available.


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