THURSDAY 13 FEBRUARY >  14:00 pm
 Auditorium Grenoble INP
French/English simultaneous translation

Technological sovereignty: Through the renewal of our imaginations, can Europe rethink the use and creation of its technologies?  

The development of new technologies is a real sovereignty challenge. Technological sovereignty confers on its holder a power than transcends States and travels beyond borders. China and the United States have fully understood this. Values, ways of doing things, of thinking and acting are all conveyed through technological tools that are inundating the global and European markets. Present both in public and private spheres, most of them are created and owned by large multinational companies. How is Europe positioning itself? What imaginations is it in the process of developing?
By contrast, the mastery of technologies, both in terms of uses, practices and hardware and software creation can become a form of citizen emancipation. By favouring the autonomy of a society through the reappropriation of expertise or know-how around technological tools, technological sovereignty takes on a whole new meaning.
Can these two types of technological sovereignty be reconciled? And if so, what are the challenges? What kind of Europe for tomorrow?

Thierry Ménissier,Professor of Philosophy, Director of the Ethics & AI Chair at the Multidisciplinary Institute for Artificial Intelligence of Grenoble (MIAI) - UGA

Stéphane Bonhomme, Demo TIC, shop associative workshop around free software and digital alternatives
Lionel Palun, Electro-Videographer Artist, Partner at the Hexagone (Entomologie de façade)

Antoine Conjard, director of Hexagone Scène Nationale Arts Sciences

As part of the European Artificial Intelligence Lab project funded by the European Union’s Creative Europe programme and the IDEX - UGA project.





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