Will beauty save the world?

Well, at least some of the works we are presenting for the 10th Biennale Arts Sciences are quite simply astounding. They all prompt the thrilling feeling of discovery. Like the feeling of hope pending a disaster.
Judge from the greed with which some waste the slightest treasures of life so carelessly, the anxiety and anger combined with the contradictory feelings of fatality and rebelliousness filling hearts and dictating actions. The worst is never certain! Humanity is at the age of a child who tears the wings off a fly out of curiosity. Long live the day when humanity grows up…

In constructing this EXPERIMENTA we have compounded many ideas and tracks marked and furrowed by frequent passage. We have tried to steer clear of the smoky ideas superhighways and have opted for exploring paths, hidden alleyways, the markers no longer maintained but which promise a world to be constructed. Optimistic about will power, so let’s remain brave!


Antoine Conjard
Director, Hexagone Scène Nationale Arts Sciences