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Each edition of EXPERIMENTA, the Arts Sciences Biennale is different, reflecting an ever-changing context and partners... But one thing does not change, the urgency to understand what is happening, to decipher what humans do for others and themselves.By means of fostering encounters between artists, scientists and technologists, what we ultimately strive for is raising awareness about the common future of mankind. Humans are curious by nature, our brain is searching for novelty and it is impossible to switch off and say stop.Facing multiple human challenges, partners of this biennale are betting that it is possible to reflect on the future. The future is shaped by arts (the poetic view on the world), science (the analytic and non-superstitious view) and techniques (the way of being in and together with the world). The first of the techniques is language and speech. We need more than at any other time, to be able to put into words what is happening. This is our mission as cultural actors in the public service. I am always amazed at the richness of the proposals from the teams who have come together here, as well as what we are able to offer to you. Take your time, enjoy and share this richness, this is a rare chance...

Antoine Conjard

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