The story began with a telephone call from the Atelier Arts Sciences team who offered me the opportunity of joining a research programme called FACE within the company Renault. Being naturally curious, I said yes. And that’s how I found myself, suitcase in tow, in front of Renault’s gigantic technocentre in Guyancourt. I felt as though I had entered the film “Welcome to Gattaca” and from the outset I understood that I wasn’t going to understand a thing. I was surrounded by sixty or so senior engineers, all speaking a language that was totally foreign to me. I was a foreigner. Then my immersion work began: I observed everything, I listened, I took notes, I recorded, I interviewed. For six months I came regularly to spend time within the FACE team, a team that wishes to innovate and test new working methods, so that gradually I would feel at home there…and no longer be a foreigner. An approach that enables everyone to change their perception, take a helicopter type of vision and work differently.

In his performances, Nicolas Ramond brings to life before our eyes the spontaneous moments captured, executive meetings, discussions, technological leaps, highs and lows…that he has poeticised and produced.

 PERFORMANCES   (duration 20 minutes)
Thursday 13 — Friday 14 February  11:30 am / 5:00 pm  — Saturday 15  February 12:00 pm / 2:30 p.m
On reservation at the Hexagone Scène Nationale Arts Sciences at 04 76 90 00 45 or at the reception desk within the limits of the available places.

Nicolas Ramond, author, director, actor  Julie Aminthe, author

Renault – Technocentre Renault de Guyancour Antoine Vuillaume, project manager — Yacine Ladjici, deputy project manager

In residency at the Atelier Arts Sciences. 

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