A poetic and political reflection on scientific and technical progress in Grenoble 

In this theatrical wandering, we give you the opportunity to travel in time and see the unbelievable acceleration of scientific and technical research in the Grenoble area. Four stations to tell four stories about such an unusual territory:

  • Grey gold, cement, the revolutionary material that has transformed contemporary urban civilisation
  • The birth of hydroelectricity, mountain electricity, energy that is forever renewable
  • White gold and the fantastic development of tourism that it has led to
  • Green gold, the true wealth of the territory, the trees

The four adventures that are rather like fairy tales all resulted from collections of testimonies and anecdotes and will be narrated and put to music by the Compagnie des Petites Utopies.

During the show, story glasses will be tested: the “Jules Verne glasses” that researchers from the French CEA are working on along with a designer, a company and the Compagnie, within the scope of a residency at the Atelier Arts Sciences.

THUR 13 — SAT 15 / 02:00 pm (duration 1. 5 hour — From 10 years)
Meeting point –  At the welcome desk – Hall de MINATEC.
By reservation only with the Hexagone Scène Nationale Arts Sciences at 04 76 90 00 45 or on the spot at the Welcome Desk. Please dress warmly!

Bruno Thircuir, text and stage production — Alphonse Atacolodjou, Isabelle Gourgues et Mehdi Belhaouane, actors — Francis Mimoun, musician and composer Cati Réau, accessoriser — Marika Gourreau, design and communication — Antoine Richel, Mélina Cormier, administration and production 

Elisabeth Delevoye, CEA – Leti, autonomous system Yann Lee, CEA – Dopt 

Associated companies
Antoine Turquet (Microoled), product manager — Patrice Pointet Création, glasses designer

Une coproduction de Grenoble-Alpes- Métropole, DRAC Rhône-Alpes, Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Département de l’Isère, ville de Grenoble.


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