SAT 15 / 11:15 am > 12:30 pm
Auditorium Grenoble - INP 

Living things and our changing imagination

At the heart of climate upheavals director Rocio Berenguer imagines in his latest show G5 a world where human beings are no longer the centre. The various kingdoms -- animal, vegetable, mineral, human and machine -- have to negotiate to co-exist on Earth. Discussions with scientists, explorers and philosophers have enhanced his creation and the various possible scenarios for inter-species dialogue. As suggested by this artistic hypothesis, new imaginations of living things, human beings and the planet are emerging. What long-held mental frontiers and representations will they change? What changes in individual and collective behaviour are they implementing? In what way are these changing imaginings impacting scientists, artists and citizens?

Rocio Berenguer, artist (Lithosys_G5 - IAgotchi et G5 )
Camille Toledano, associate author of “Parlement de Loire”, writer (books, stage, space, theory, etc.)

Luc Gwiazdzinski, UGA geographer, director of the master’s degree cycle in innovation and territory, scientist at the Pacte laboratory

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