Panorama Mechanics is an interactive photographic installation that questions the relations inhabitants enter into with their environment. The questioning takes the form of an experience that gives spectators the opportunity to interact with images in order to embrace the scale of a landscape photographed around the homes of people who live in the Grenoble area for twenty-four hours. The aim being to discover all the activity that we do not notice. And hence to begin to listen to the rhythm of towns and countrysides, lighting, clouds, traffic and mountains and to rediscover the tempo of these surfaces. Moreover, students doing an Engineering Master Degree also worked with the Panorama Mechanics team to develop software and prototype an autonomous tool for performing photographic capture. The tool is called “the landscape trap” and will also be presented.

Arnaud Chevalier, scenographer — Aurélien Conil, engineer — Julien Lefèvre, post-production

Associated students
Maxime Felici, Anis Ben Mahmoud, Meggan Escartefigue, Zeineb Laknech, École ESISAR – Grenoble INP.
Within the scope of the “Projets Innovation” programme

8Fablab Drôme,  construction residency — ARCAN, assistance of dissemination

With the support of  IDEX – Université Grenoble Alpes.

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