FRIDAY 14 FEBRUARY >  12:30 pm
 Auditorium Grenoble INP 

Image production on transparent material, between poetic work and technological research.

Instigated by artist Yann Nguema with assistance from Arnaud Doucet, the LETI/DOPT Optics laboratory at CEA Grenoble contributed to an LED lighting system to visualise graphic work on transparent surfaces. The Midi-Minatec will return to this amazing collaboration that gave life to the STRATA work that is included in the broader P.R.I.S.M. Expo project which also features three works to be found at the convention. The light injection system comprises a LED array which can be directed to make the content engraved and printed on some twenty glass sheets visible. The work simulates a 3-D hologram and is interactive thanks to the software interface devised by the artist. The work makes use of multiple optical phenomena and uses the know-how of the Isère-based company, Crysalis 3D.

Yann Nguema, multimedia artist
Arnaud Doucet, light designer
In residency at the Atelier Arts Sciences

Gilles Le Blevennec
, senior expert engineering CEA-Léti, optic laboratory
Charles-Elie Goujon, CEA-DIP
Éliane Sausse, director of the Atelier Arts Sciences


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