Drawing historic parallels between “tulip-mania” that swept across the Netherlands and Europe in the 1630s and the current speculation under way around crypto currencies, this video work is generated by artificial intelligence. On three screens you are invited to observe tulips evolving under the influence of the price of the bitcoin. “Mosaic” is in addition the name of the virus that caused the stripes on tulip petals and that increased their desirability and contributed to causing speculative prices during this period.

Anna Ridler, artist and data researcher

Within the scope of the EMAP/EMARE project funded by the European Union Creative Europe Programme.
Within the scope of the European ARTificial Intelligence Lab Programme co-funded by the European Union Creative Europe Programme.




Rediscover Anna Ridler at the conféerence « IA IA ! Artist imaginations and artificail intelligence » at the Auditorium Grenoble INP THU 13 FEB / 3:30 pm 

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