Carbon black particles know no borders. They travel the globe journeying along atmospheric currents and work their way deep into our organs, our brains or our blood.
Anais Tondeur completed an expedition of 1350 km, following a particle journey from the port of Folkestone  to the north of Scotland for three weeks. The project is comprised of photographs of the skies during the expedition, produced using particles filtered along the way through a breathing mask. The particles were transformed into ink in order to print the skies where they were taken as samples.
Carbon Black is a sensitive and aesthetic invitation to become aware of the anthropic pollution of the air.

Anaïs tondeur, artiste photographe 

Rita Van Dingenen and Jean-Philippe Putaud, European Commission, Joint Research Centre, directorate for energy, transport and the climate, unity for the air and climate Ispra/Italy.

European Commission, Joint Research Centre Resonance II – SciArt Project

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