ONIRI 2070 is a poetic sound and visual performance that imagines a fantasy moving city that immerses us in 2070. Based on interviews collected during journeys and various encounters, ONIRI is the symbiosis of fantasies that invite us to project our dreams of a shared future and to reinvent our places and ways of life for the future.
The project is the result of a research residency conducted with the Atelier Arts Sciences on energy autonomy. With help from research fellows, Organic Orchestra is devising a lightweight system that can be transported on a bicycle and with which it will move its instruments, broadcasting equipment and energy production equipment for the show.
The autonomous system must make it possible to put on a show for an hour in unusual places without exceeding 1KWh of energy.

 PERFORMANCES   (duration 40 minutes with discussions) 

Thursday 13 — Friday 14 February / 09:15 am / 02:15 pm / 04:00 pm
Saturday 15 february / 10:30 am/ 01:00 pm / 05:15 pm

Free admission within the space available. Early arrival recommended. Installation accessible outside performance times

Ezra, musical creation and artistic director at the Organic Orchestra company — Alex Machefel, video creation — Juliette Guignard, singing and documentary recordings  

Charles-Élie Goujon – CEA DIP — Juliette Lhotellier  — CEA, intern M1 d’ENSE3 at Grenoble INP — Cindy Liotard, Frédéric Métral, Mehdi Bey, Nicolas Binet, Arnaud Bouche-Pillon, Dimitri Gevet, Thierry Martin, Luisa-Fernanda Roulic, Lionel De Paoli, Delphine Pinto, Rémy Panariello, Pascal Drevard, Fabien Gilibert, CEA Liten – Laboratoire Technologies batteries — Éric Pessarelli – Cegelec CEM ingénierie

Associated technical team
Antoine Requena, Shark Amp’s — Samuel Dumont, Delta T° Conseils — Sacha Hodencq, Eco-SESA – University Grenoble Alps — Nelly Vallance, Eco-SESA – G2ELab/Grenoble-INP — Clément Chabot, Low-tech Lab — Kevin Loesle, research freelance

La Nouvelle Vague, coproduction — Cie Organic Orchestra 

In residency at the Atelier Arts Sciences

 EXHIBITON  (on the site of the performance)
« Territories, Utopias and Energy Realities» realized with the students of Master, Institut d’Urbanisme et de géographie Alpine under the direction of Natacha Seigneuret, Director SFR Territories, UGA

Rediscover EZRA  at the conference Artistic warming!  at the Auditorium Grenoble INP — Thursday 13 February at 05:30 pm

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