In front of a beach that is filmed live by a Webcam, an artificial voice recites a text. The voice narrates in the first person a fiction about an artificial intelligence used to monitor the landscape. Having become conscious enough to doubt, she questions her own logic and thoughts but also her working conditions, sometimes bringing her close to burn out. Using irony, the play questions what we think of artificial intelligence and its impact on humans.

Thierry Fournier, plastic artist and exhibition curator

Performance created at the invitation of the project Acoustic Cameras “projet d’annexion sonore”, which invites artists and composers to append the real-time streams of webcams located in different locations around the world. Acoustic Cameras is a proposal by Christophe Demarthe, co-edited by Optical Sound (Pierre Beloüin & P. Nicolas Ledoux) and the manufacture des Cactées (Didier Hochart & Thierry Weyd).

As part of the European ARTificial Intelligence Lab project co-funded by the European Union’s Creative Europe programme.




Rediscover Thierry Fournierat at the conference « IA IA ! Artists’ Imaginaries and Artificial intelligence » at the Auditorium Grenoble INP — Thursday 13 February at 03:30 pm

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