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How artistic creation and production take environmental challenges into account?

Thanks to the alarming speaking out in public of global organisations and public figures from the scientific world, the urgent need to change models in terms of the way we produce, work, consume and travel or create seems to gradually be weaving its way into the collective consciousness.
Certain artists attempt to integrate artistic challenges into their creative and production work. Some of them make massive use of the latest technologies, connected among other things to images, sound and software. What technical and technological solutions do they find to reduce their environmental and energy impact while maintaining the quality of what they produce? What echo do they obtain from broadcasting structures?

Stéphane Bonnard, Artistic Director - Cie KompleX KapharnaüM (migration - Sunshine architecture)
Ezra, Artistic Director - Cie Organic Orchestra (ONIRI 2070)
Cindy Liotard, CEA-Liten, Research Engineer, Prototyping and System Process Laboratory – Batteries for transport
Thibault Gutel, CEA-Liten, Research Engineer – Innovation Laboratory for New Energy /Components Laboratory for Batteries – PRESTIGE project
Jérémie Paris, Design and Development Office, Opéra de Lyon

Jérôme d’Assigny, Regional Director AURA, ADEME

As part of the PRESTIGE project co-financed by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme (Grant Agreement 761112)

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