FRIDAY 14 FEBRUARY > 05:00 pm
Auditorium Grenoble INP

George Orwell imagined it: a society in which citizens are monitored by what he calls Big Brother. Michel Foucault observed it: the slow drift towards panoptic societies where “the eye of the master is everywhere”. Alain Damasio described it in his latest novel, Les Furtifs. The trend is perceptible notably with the expansion of video surveillance and the development of new technologies that insidiously find themselves at the service of a surveillance society.
Certain science fiction authors describe this society where the monitored person becomes their own overseer. Has this fiction not already become reality? These surveillance mechanisms and tools are today internalised by a large part of society. How can we tackle the the shortcomings of these new technologies? How can we enhance citizen awareness? A call for reading, a call for culture…

Alain Damasio
, Novelist, Éditions La Volte (MOA - The Furtive Oves)
Félix Tréguer, Research Fellow at the Internet and Society Centre of the CNRS and post-doctoral student at the CERI-Sciences Po, founding member of La Quadrature du Net

Sarah Mekdjian,Lecturer-Researcher – PACTE Laboratory, University of Grenoble-Alps (Bureau des dépositions)


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