Two artificial intelligences “converse” with one another in autonomous mode. One sees the images and responds using sound, whereas the other is capable of hearing the sound and of sending images. By travelling between the two objects, the spectator can hack the conversation. The two artificial intelligences were created using a word dictionary that is intelligible for Man, translated into sound signals and visual signals.

Birk Schmithüsen, Audiovisual Artist and Founder of the the Artists Collective ArtesMobiles  

Antonio Bahamonde, Oscar Luaces, Jorge Díez, Artificial Intelligence Center, University of Oviedo at Gijón — Felix Bonowski, Marcus Ding, programmers 

This project was developed at the LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial in Spain within the scope of the EMAP/EMARE project and was co-funded by Creative Europe with support from Artesmobiles.
Within the scope of the project entitled European ARTificial Intelligence Lab funded by the European Union Creative Europe Programme.




Rediscover Birk Schmithüsen at the conference ” AI AI! Artistic Imaginations and Artificial Intelligence at the Auditorium Grenoble INP —  THU 13 FEB / 3:30 pm

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