The Punishment is an installation in which a robot carries out preventive punishment in the context of his potential future disobedience. A robotic arm equipped with a pen copies the sentence “I must not hurt humans” onto a book. A reference to Isaac Asimov’s Laws of Robotics.
The installation questions the fears that Robotics and Artificial Intelligence cause in our collective imaginations: the fantasy of Frankenstein where machines emancipate themselves from the control of human beings and become all powerful. The Punishment questions the automation of our societies, the potential drifts of technology with the crucial question: what ethical, legal and moral framework can be invented between humans and machines?  

Filipe Vilas-Boas, plastic artist

Bertrand Manuel, Innov’Lab Department Head – Pedagogical Head of the Robotics, Degree, IUT Cachan / La Ménagerie Technologique, Cachan
Marc Olasek, robotics engineer, La Ménagerie Technologique, Cachan 

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